A Coate of Greene

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In the January 1643 Sir Thomas saw fit to supply his whole regiment with new suits of clothes, these were Coat and Breeches of a dark green cloth, many with a bright yellow facing. The regiment were dressed a such for much of the remainder of the first civil war. Until early 1645 when they became part of the New Model Army, and were re-fitted with coats of red with dark green facings. The breeches soon wore through and many soldiers could be found dressed in breeches of grey, brown  or other colours. The coats turned out to be of a fair quality and many survived through until the regiment joined the New Model in ’45.

Coat Colour

Coat Colour 1643-45


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  1. Brilliant stuff!
    Reminds me that I have a similar green coated regiment yet to be finished…
    Love the idea of using Perry plastic parts to enhance and modify the poses. Not too easy but well worth it!



  2. Excellent– love your drawing! : )


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