Solomon and John Fletcher. Musketeers.

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Solomon fletcher. Solomon is a tenant farmer on one of Lord Hawksby’s extensive estates. Like several of the older generation Solomon fought, as a younger man, alongside Hawksby in the wars in Germany. Solomon is a brave and steady soldier.

John Fletcher is Solomon’s second son. Not much of a farmer but a natural shot. Although untried in battle if John keeps his nerve his abilities with the musket will prove to be an asset to Hawksby’s Foot Regiment.

Both miniatures are Warlord Games plastic Pike and Shotte. Solomon’s head is from the Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors set. Johns head is from Perry Miniatures WotR Bows and Bills, and his right arm from the Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors set.


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  1. Hi Robert,

    Like you modelling & modifying Warlord & other 28mm. This is a change for me. Most of my other periods are done in smaller scales, especially 1/72. Living in Skipsea, near Hornsea/Bridlington I have developed interest in local history especially Medieval & ECW. Metal detectors found a large bore musket bullet at the field bottom of my lane. Still wondering how that got there?
    Also like you I (dabble) in comic illustration. Years ago did a lot of stuff for use in school history (Crusades, 1066 etc). I found your comic just as I was strongly considering an ECW ‘comic’ of my own – more a guide for younger readers to the war, its troops and personalities.
    Would like to correspond more.


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