First Pikemen

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pike-1Ted Sanders (left) and Joe Barrow (right) Ted and Joe are both farm labourers, who work the land on Lord Hawksby’s estates. Both are known for their strength and size, making them ideal to carry the pike.

More miniatures from Warlord Games plastic Pike and Shotte. They both have right arms from the Gripping Beast dark ages set. Ted’shead is from the same set and his left arm is a Perry Miniatures WOTR arm.

pike-1-wipW.I.P. Photo of Ted, before final cleaning up and hat. The Gripping beast arms fit nicely with the Warlord body, the existing spear removed and the hand drilled and opened up for the pike shaft. Not clearly seen on here the Gripping beast head needed a sliver of plastic to create neck because the Gripping Beast heads have a slight indent on the underneath.


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  1. Very nice. What range of paints/colours did you use for the buff coat and gloves? They look very effective.

  2. Lovely kit bashing again Mike.
    I feel so tempted to do some ECW again 🙂

  3. @witchfindergeneral1642 Thanks, they are a mix of Vallejo and GW colours, can’t remember the exact colours… Will look when I get in

    @Andy Thanks, I am really back into ECW in a big way, whatever else I get into I always come back to ECW eventually!


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