Edward Devereux

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Edward Devereux is very much a lone wolf.

Though not confirmed, the rumour is that he was once a wealthy man of some standing with a large country estate and started the war fighting for the Kings cause on the Royalist side. However whilst he was away a Royalist raiding party left his home burnt to the ground and his wife and children dead.

It is said that he hunted down the Cavalry troop responsible slaying it’s commander and several troopers, before joining the  forces of parliament, and swearing to devote himself to riding the country of the Tyrant and his wicked followers. Making him a wanted man in Royalist circles, with a price on his head.

Edward is a crack shot, known for picking off as many officers as he can.

He is a law to no man and as such could not be tied down to a regular member of Hawkwood’s band, but he is often found amongst their number, and considers some of the regiments men among his few friends on earth.

He has been described as a  “Merciless killer with no pity for his foe”.

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Edward is a Warlord Games Pike and Shotte plastic miniature and was painted and is owned by Si of Si’s Soldiers. Check out his excellent blog


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