European Artillery

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All good commanders know the value of well placed artillery, and Sir Thomas Hawksby is no exception. Sometimes getting the right guns and men for the job requires the services of Mercenaries, often veterans and highly skilled in the art of war, these men leave the bloody fields of Europe to find fortune in England.


This is a small minion drake cannon owned by the artillery entrepreneur Martin Metzger, who came over to England from northern Germany to get rich from the folly of the Englishmen. Martin can be seen to the left in this picture instructing his crew on when to fire the minion.

To the right of him we see old Andreas Kantor opening a new sack of gunpowder. Andreas has survived in the artillery business for years, and has even started to instruct his son Jan, who stands to the right of him prepared to move the cannon back after it’s been fired.

Daniel Kling is preparing to fire when Martin gives the word. Daniel used to be a farmhand before the religious wars got too close, but when his village was ravaged by Tilly’s troops he had to look for a new occupation. Blowing up Catholics from afar felt like a fitting revenge.

To the right, with a swab, we see another Daniel, Daniel Ronge. Daniel used to be something of a ladies man back in Germany, but his lack of English has so far diminished his luck over here. Why can’t the women speak better German?

The superb miniatures of Martin Metzger and his crew are from the collection of Mrtn (don’t ask about the vowels). If you want to see more of Mrtn’s fantastic Thirty Years War painted miniatures and conversions check out his thread on the Warlord Games forum


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