Demi-Culverin and Crew

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Master gunner Marcellus Goodwyn and his crew are experienced artillery men. Having fought against the Scottish in 1639. Marcellus is a good friend of Sir Thomas Hawksby. His crew consist of Rowland Hayman (kneeling by the tool box), Thomas Croome, (about the light the cannon), and ‘Slow’ Jon (carrying the cannon shot). The men have worked together for many years and although they are now a part of Hawksby’s regiment they rarely socialise with the other men. In battle this close nit friendship makes them a fast and efficient team.

Here they are seen with a Demi-Culverin gun, affectionately named Big Betty after one of the camp followers.

All miniatures are from Warlord Games Pike and Shotte range.





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  1. Mike, I love that Canon and the work so far….simply superb….the green stained wood is a nice touch…..makes it feel like it belongs to the unit! reminds me of Carvel’s Ballista!!!
    The cartoons are simply amazing and what makes this site so special and different….could i be the first to ask for a Graphic novel of this ECW troop story.

  2. Probably one of my favourites from you mike! Well done. This blog is really becoming something to watch, and enjoy! Wrong side of the war, of course, but still enjoyable! 🙂


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