Matthew Rook

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Matthew-RookMatthew Rook is one of the Seargents in Hawksby’s Foot. Matthew was born in Leeds, the son of a drunkard father. Hi mother died when Matthew was just 5 years old leaving him a virtual orphan. Matthew learned to live off the land and on the streets, a tough capable survivor Matthew spent his teens and early twenties as a poacher and vagabond. A chance encounter on the road lead to Rook saving Lord Hawksby’s life. Hawksby employed Rook as a groundsman and falconer, and soon found Matthew to be an invaluable a dependable servant. Rook is a tough and capable leader and a born fighter. His quick thinking and sharp reactions have got him out of many tough situations. He is often the man Lord Thomas calls upon when he needs particularly difficult tasks accomplishing.

rook-WIPMatthew is a Warlord Games Pike and Shotte plastic pikeman. His right arm is from the Pike and shote cavalry riders sprue and his left arm is from the plastic bolt action range. His face is from Perry miniatures Mhadist box set.
This W.I.P. shot shows the miniature just after the first green stuff had been put on.

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