Some more musketeers

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Jon Bedden (left) is a tanner by trade. He joined Hawksby’s regiment when the war with the King broke out and has  proven his worth in various skirmishes. Jon has a tendency to be somewhat outspoken, which can land him in trouble.

Edmund Ralph (middle) is Jon’s best friend, the two grew up as boy in the same village. Edmund, the son of a pauper, left Yorkshire at the age of 18 to travel to London. He returned some 20 years later a reasonably rich merchant. However his friendship with Jon, unbroken down the years led Edmund to enlist with his friends. Edmund is a rough sort of character, and will not suffer fools gladly, and many of his ‘trading’ associates are of the more criminal class.

On the right of this photo is Isaac Bull know to most a simply ‘Bull’. Bull is Edmunds friend/servant/bodyguard from London. Bull is a mute, and nearly deaf but he is a strong and hardy fighter and fiercely loyal.

The miniatures are Warlord Games Pike and shotte.  Jon’s head and arm are from the Warlord Games Bolt Action plastic Commandos. Edmund’s arms are also from the Bolt Action plastic sets, and his musket is a metal one from Warlord’s Pike and shote armoury. Isaac’s head is a plastic head from the Gripping Beast Dark ages set.

musket-1 photo-2



photo-3 photo-4


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