John Swann and Philemon Groves


John Swann is a stone mason. He is also of a strong Puritan persuasion. His large frame and strong arms make him an ideal candidate to carry the Pike, and his Puritan world view lead him to be a dedicated follower of the Parliamentarian cause.


John’s best friend and fellow stone mason Philemon Groves is also a Puritan, though he is of a slightly more radical persuasion to his friend. Philemon can at times be a rabble rouser and trouble maker, but he is a determined fighter, the sort of man you want at your side in a pike block.

I have no W.I.P shots of these guys, but here is a photo of them ranked up.


Both figures are Warlord Games Pike and Shotte plastics. John Swann has a Gripping Beast Dark Ages Warrior head and Philemon Groves has the face from one of the miniatures in the Perry Miniatures American Civil War Confederate Infantry set.


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  1. Very nice and effective conversions. I’ve never tried head/face swops but after seeing those I might give it a go.


    • Thanks Matt. The face swap thing works pretty well on these if you want to keep the long hair. I just use the plastic glue as a filler. Helps to give more variety.


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