Fearsome Skirmish at Skipwithe AAR

A most fearsome a dreadful skirmish has taken place in the small village of Skipwithe. It has resulted in the wounding and death of several godly Englishmen. In the very early hours of Tuesday morning a group of skirmishers from the Hon. Lord Hawksby’s regiment sought to apprehend two Royalist officers of horse, who were leaving the notorious ale house the King’s Head.


The assault begins


The officers dash for cover

IMG_1735 IMG_1730

The battle of the well. The King’s dragoons are holding well.


A spot of fisticuffs


Disaster for the Royalists. A dragoon is killed and in a drunken state one of the officers drops his pistol and shoots himself… dead.



The remaining officer is captured and the dragoons flee… a victory for the greencoats…


… but at a cost.

The scenario and battle were written for Witchfinder General rules, an excellent set of skirmish rules, that can be used for straight ECW games as well as those with a supernatural twist. The rules can be obtained from Dashing Dice Games.

The Scenario can be downloaded here.


4 responses »

  1. The Perils of Daemon Drink!!!!!!
    Ahahahahaha very Good Mike, fantastic stuff…..Concerned that one of Hawksbys men paid the ultimate price……but which one????? No chance of a swift half where he’s going!

  2. An excellent account of a game using a great set of rules. I will pass this onto some friends.

  3. Fantastic work and a ripping yarn!

  4. Terrific, Mike – love the way you’ve done the stats etc, but the shots of the game are great; the buildings and minis really look good. Has Eric seen this yet?


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