Four pikemen

Toby Lawson (right) and Jack Smythe (Left)
Both men are members of the local militia. They are tenants on Lord Hawksby’s land.  Toby Lawson is able to read and avidly shares the latest pamphlets from London with his fellow soldiers.


Rupert Marsham (left) and Hector Marsham (right) Sons of a local smallholder and brewer, (who’s famous ales can be sampled at the Black Sheep Inn) both lads are noted locally for their strength, making them ideal, and eager candidates for carrying pikes. Never far from the thick of the action when in battle, or from the nearest ale house when not in battle, these two have quite the reputation. However come Sunday morning they can always be found well turned out and singing psalms with gusto in Church.

All the figures come from the Warlord Games Pike and Shotte Range. Toby Lawson and Jack Smythe have had head replacements from the Warlord Games Bolt Action British Infantry set.

Rupert has a right arm form the Wargames Factory Ancient Persians set. Hector has  arms from the Bolt Action British and German Infantry sets and his head is from Perry Miniatures Wars of the Roses European Mercenaries set.


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  1. Great stuff! Keep it going…


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