Sir Ralfe Stapleton


Sir Ralfe is an Infantry Commander, he has many years of campaign experience and is a seasoned commander. He fought on the side of the Swedish at the battle of Lützen in 1632 and under the command of Alexander Leslie at the battle of Wittstock four years later. He returned to England in 1640 and spent time helping Sir Thomas to gather and train his regiment as conditions between the king and Parliament deteriorated in the spring and summer of 1642. Stapleton is a tough no nonsense officer, noted for his calm head and personal bravery, many of his men look up to him with awe. He is Lord Hawksby’s most trusted Infantry officer, and as a result the one often given the most difficult jobs.

His unusual sword is a family heirloom was passed down to him from his maternal great great grandfather who, it is said, fought against the Turkish at the great Siege of Malta.

The miniature for Sir Ralfe is from the Warlord Games Pike and Shotte plastic command sprue. His right arm is a spare taken from the Warlord Games 30 Years War Swordsmen blister pack.


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