2 Musketeers


Jason Bayly was a fisherman. When his brother was killed fighting for the cause of Parliament Jason decided that he could no longer sit by the sidelines, and despite the protests of his mother and wife signed up to fight.


Ed Cradock. Little is known about Ed before he joined Hawksby’s regiment. He is a crack shot and a tough character, well suited to the rigours of life at war. He is also noted for his skill with the knife, and to the annoyance of some others he is known for his oaths and curses. Many suspect him to be a poacher… or worse. What led him to join the ranks still remains a mystery.

Both miniatures are from the Warlord Games Pike and shotte plastic range. Jasons Face is from the Warlord Games plastic Hail Cesar Celts box. Ed’s arm is from the Wargames Factory Persians sprue and his musket is a metal spare from The Assault Group.


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