Lawson Pymm

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Lawson Pymm is a life long soldier, the illegitimate son of an army officer Lawson grew up on army camps and billets in various places across Germany. Taking the name of his english mother, a camp follower who died when Lawson was merely 7 years old. Lawson is a tough fighter and experienced veteran. He has been a loyal member of Hawksby’s foote, and fought commendably in the action at Skipwithe village.



This miniature follows the rough procedure laid out here for making a plastic kneeling musketeer. The starting point is from the Warlord games plastic AZW infantry, I used the body and head of one of these, and then added plastic Pike and Shotte hat and arms.


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    Another Member of Hawksby’s ECW painted

  2. The new recruit looks great Mike, Nice beard!!! Really Love the latest additions to the Comic book though!!!! Fantastic! Where do you find the time!


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