Gabriel Whitestone

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Whitestone is the shadowy agent of the crown, little is known about him, other than his fearsome reputation as a killer. He first came to notoriety during the bloody sacking of Magdeburg. It is said that he led many of the soldiers in the slaughter of the inhabitants and his own death toll for that day was in the hundreds. A true mercenary Whitestone will fight for any side that pays, who is paying him and for what in Yorkshire in 1643 is something of a mystery.



This miniature is made from Warlord Games Pike and Shotte Plastic cavalry sprue. The right arm is repositioned and the left arm is from the Gripping Beast Dark Ages Warriors boxed set. His Head is from Crooked Dice Games.

WIP Picture, showing the assembled mini before painting:
WIP gabriel


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  1. Talent…pure talent…..


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