Farmer and Matchman

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Daniel Warren is a farmer, who has lived and worked on his family farm near Weatherby his whole life. Marrying later in life his wife, he and his wife June just have one daughter. Warren is neutral in the civil war, but is not one to turn away a stranger in need, or to betray a trust.

imageDaniel was made from a Warlord Games plastic ECW infantry miniature (from the plastic pike and shotte spruces), the additional features added using green stuff. His arms are also from the Pike and Shotte infantry sprue. His head is a Gripping Beast plastic Dark Ages Warrior head.


I also decided to make a simple conversion to represent the guy with the torch who is going to burn the barn.
Again a Warlord Pike and Shotte body was used, this time a musketeers body. I simply added a Gripping Beast Dark Ages spear arm, with the spear cut down and some packaging fluff glued on the top. The left arm is from a Perry Miniatures ACW set.


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  1. That flame is really impressive, love how you did that!


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