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Local Troops (2)

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Here are the next batch of ‘Clubmen’ musketeers for the Storming of Leeds. Again I have given these a mix of kit and clothing to help with the impression of an organised rabble rather than troops.

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Here is a WIP shot and parts list (L to R):

Advancing musketeer:
Body Warlord Games Pike and Shotte Infantry
Head from Northstar Frostgrave Soldiers set
Arms from Perry Miniature ACW Infantry

Shooting musketeer:
Body, hat & arms Warlord GamesPike and Shotte Infantry
Head from Northstar Frostgrave Soldiers set

Standing musketeer
Body, hat and musket from Warlord Games Pike and Shotte Infantry
Face from Warlord Games Bolt Action British Infantry
Arms from Warlord Games Bolt Action German Grenadiers




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image image image During the Civil Wars in The Three Kingdoms there was widespread destruction and looting, to help prevent this, in some areas, groups of locals clubbed together to form an armed resistance to whichever army came their way. These bands of armed civilians became known as Clubmen. This term became common for any local civilian militias, whith a number of Clubmen joining the Parlamentarian side at the battle of Leeds.

“I marched from Bradford with six troops of horse, and three companies of dragons… and near one thousand musketeers and two thousand clubmen, under the command of Sir William Fairfax” General Fairfax

Warlord games do a superb characterful range of metal Clubmen in their Pike and Shotte range, are among my favourites in their range, however I decided I needed a few more to bolster my collection. These four are plastic clubmen, ready to aid or hinder Hawksby’s forces depending as they see fit! These are all converted from Warlord plastics, with parts from other plastic kits with scratch scythe and pitch fork tools. The bodies are from the Warlord Plastic Infantry Sprue some of the heads and the axe arm are from the Gripping Beast Dark Ages Warriors sets and the hammer arms are from the Perry miniatures English Army 1415-1429 set.

WIP shots:



Pickering and Jones, Musketeers

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Pickering and Jones, Musketeers

Hew Pickering, left, and Daniel Jones
Often found griping together, or fighting side by side together, usually involved int he reckless schemes of Matthew Rook, Pickering and Jones are both life long soldiers, sailing over to Europe as young lads they fought with Sir Thomas in every battle he has been in. Both are known equally for their fierce abilities in hand to hand combat, as well as being well schooled in the use of the musket. They are both staunch protestants, and Pickering can often be found singing hymns or reciting the few verses of scripture he has committed to memory, however their religion doesn’t extend to affecting the hours they spend in ale houses and inns, given the chance.


Both miniatures are from Warlord Games Pike and Shotte infantry sprue. Pickering’s head is from the Perry Miniatures Mahadists boxed set. Both of their right arms are from the Warlord Games Pike and Shotte Cavalry set and Jones’ left arms a Bolt Action plastic arm, his back slung musket is from The Assault Group.


Lord Hawksby Himself

Lord Hawksby

Lord Thomas Hawksby Lord of the Hawksby estates in North Yorkshire Lord Thomas is the eldest son of Lord Grantham Hawksby and his wife the honorable Lady Elizabeth Howell.  Hawksby has two brothers and a sister, James, Matthew and Jayne.

Hawksby spent many years on the continent fighting in the religious wars in Germany and fought under Gustavus Adolphus at the battle of Lutzen.
sir thomas 2

He returned to England when his father was taken ill. Following his fathers death shortly afterwards Hawksby too over the running of the family estates, including the local militia. On the outbreak of hostilities with the king Hawksby rallied to the cause of Parliament, believing that the King has been misled by wicked advisors and has overstepped the bounds of his right authority. Like many of his contemporaries Hawksby hopes the war will remove these evil men and bring the King to his senses.

Thomas is seen here with his loyal Dog Darby and his Squire Martin Bracken.
Both figures are from the Warlord Games Pike and Shotte rangeThe dog, Darby, is a Crooked Dice Guard dog.

Lord Morecroft’s coach

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Lord Morecroft’s coach

Hawksby’s sworn rival, and the local Royalist leader Lord Morecroft travels in style in his highly decorated coach. He carouses in the back with a travelling companion, while his trusted advisor, Sir Percival speaks to a local official, before entering the town.

Coach 2

Travelling coach

coach 3






The coach and team set seen here is from the Warlord Games Pike and shotte range, with converted plastic figures from that range making the Official, Sir Percival and the cow herder, the Ox is from Perry Miniatures.

A few WIP snaps:




Lawson Pymm

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Lawson Pymm is a life long soldier, the illegitimate son of an army officer Lawson grew up on army camps and billets in various places across Germany. Taking the name of his english mother, a camp follower who died when Lawson was merely 7 years old. Lawson is a tough fighter and experienced veteran. He has been a loyal member of Hawksby’s foote, and fought commendably in the action at Skipwithe village.



This miniature follows the rough procedure laid out here for making a plastic kneeling musketeer. The starting point is from the Warlord games plastic AZW infantry, I used the body and head of one of these, and then added plastic Pike and Shotte hat and arms.

The Full Regiment

Lord Hawksby’s Regiment of Foote.

Not brilliant photos but these show the full regiment in miniatures. Obviously I will be adding to this over time, and there will be Firelocks, command and a few more characters yet to come.

Full-regiment-1 copy

Full-regiment-2 copy


Although all the miniatures came from the Warlord Games Pike and Shotte Imperial Infantry boxed set these minis are using parts from about 11 different sets of plastic and metal miniatures. Here the musketeers are ranked 3 deep, but they could be put into two ranks for wider frontage.