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Pickering and Jones, Musketeers

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Pickering and Jones, Musketeers

Hew Pickering, left, and Daniel Jones
Often found griping together, or fighting side by side together, usually involved int he reckless schemes of Matthew Rook, Pickering and Jones are both life long soldiers, sailing over to Europe as young lads they fought with Sir Thomas in every battle he has been in. Both are known equally for their fierce abilities in hand to hand combat, as well as being well schooled in the use of the musket. They are both staunch protestants, and Pickering can often be found singing hymns or reciting the few verses of scripture he has committed to memory, however their religion doesn’t extend to affecting the hours they spend in ale houses and inns, given the chance.


Both miniatures are from Warlord Games Pike and Shotte infantry sprue. Pickering’s head is from the Perry Miniatures Mahadists boxed set. Both of their right arms are from the Warlord Games Pike and Shotte Cavalry set and Jones’ left arms a Bolt Action plastic arm, his back slung musket is from The Assault Group.