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Gabriel Whitestone

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Whitestone is the shadowy agent of the crown, little is known about him, other than his fearsome reputation as a killer. He first came to notoriety during the bloody sacking of Magdeburg. It is said that he led many of the soldiers in the slaughter of the inhabitants and his own death toll for that day was in the hundreds. A true mercenary Whitestone will fight for any side that pays, who is paying him and for what in Yorkshire in 1643 is something of a mystery.



This miniature is made from Warlord Games Pike and Shotte Plastic cavalry sprue. The right arm is repositioned and the left arm is from the Gripping Beast Dark Ages Warriors boxed set. His Head is from Crooked Dice Games.

WIP Picture, showing the assembled mini before painting:
WIP gabriel


Nehemiah Cross and Joseph Peat

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IMG_0614Cross (left) Was originally from Northumberland and drifted into Yorkshire in the mid 1630’s after fighting with Leslie army on the continent in the 1620’s. Cross is a wild an unprdictable fellow, mostly known for keeping himself to himself, and bouts of rage on the battlefield that have been known to frighten both friend and foe. Often seen wielding the Warhammer he famously took from the hand of a cavalry officer he slew during the breaking of the Siege of Stralsund.

Peat (Right) Was the son of a Nottingham tradesman,  who was tried for sedition, and hanged by King Charles’ men. Having sworn revenge on all followers of the King Peat fled to his sisters cottage in Yorkshire. There he joined Hawksby’s regiment. He is an educated man and is of a republican mindset, believing that all Kings are wicked and the rule of the land must be given to it’s people. He is a boisterous rebel rouser and can often be found debating matters of government or religion, with anyone who is willing to argue with him.


Both miniatures are Warlord Games plastic miniatures. From their Pike and Shotte infantry sets. Peat has had a simple head swap with a Gripping Beast Plastic Dark Ages Warrior. Cross is made up from two different Pike and shote musketeers, cut at the waist and joined to get the turing pose, his arms are from the spares box,and the Warhammer is from the Warlord Plastic Pike and Shotte Cavalry boxed set.

WIP shot:



Lord Morecroft’s coach

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Lord Morecroft’s coach

Hawksby’s sworn rival, and the local Royalist leader Lord Morecroft travels in style in his highly decorated coach. He carouses in the back with a travelling companion, while his trusted advisor, Sir Percival speaks to a local official, before entering the town.

Coach 2

Travelling coach

coach 3






The coach and team set seen here is from the Warlord Games Pike and shotte range, with converted plastic figures from that range making the Official, Sir Percival and the cow herder, the Ox is from Perry Miniatures.

A few WIP snaps:




Kneeling Musketeer

I have wanted plastic Kneeling musketeers for some time now and wanted one in particular for a larger model. Having picked up some of the AZW British on a whim in the recent Warlord Games sprue sale I decided to try to use one of the kneeling ones as the basis for a conversion. The base is not done because he will be part of a larger base.


I was fairly pleased with the results. I think the Putees are just a little bit short for the typical stockings worn in the 1700’s, but nothing I can’t live with. The powder casks were quite hard to do, in the end I cut up a musket rest.

Here are some WIP shots.

What you need:

Cut off the pouches, epaulets, and tidied up the putees:

Green stuff added for hair, and to smooth over the waist:

The Full Regiment

Lord Hawksby’s Regiment of Foote.

Not brilliant photos but these show the full regiment in miniatures. Obviously I will be adding to this over time, and there will be Firelocks, command and a few more characters yet to come.

Full-regiment-1 copy

Full-regiment-2 copy


Although all the miniatures came from the Warlord Games Pike and Shotte Imperial Infantry boxed set these minis are using parts from about 11 different sets of plastic and metal miniatures. Here the musketeers are ranked 3 deep, but they could be put into two ranks for wider frontage.

Zachariah Joanes, Musketeer

Zachariah is a member of the Town Watch and a grounds keeper for Lord Hawksby. He is known for his courage and quick wit, having the nick name ‘Cunning Zac’.

Zachariah is from the Warlord Games Pike and shotte range. He has been modified using the arm from a Warlord Games Bolt Action plastic figure, and some patches, made of paper hve been added.

Musketeer-WIPHere is a W.I.P. shot showing some of the ‘paper work’

Some more musketeers

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Jon Bedden (left) is a tanner by trade. He joined Hawksby’s regiment when the war with the King broke out and has  proven his worth in various skirmishes. Jon has a tendency to be somewhat outspoken, which can land him in trouble.

Edmund Ralph (middle) is Jon’s best friend, the two grew up as boy in the same village. Edmund, the son of a pauper, left Yorkshire at the age of 18 to travel to London. He returned some 20 years later a reasonably rich merchant. However his friendship with Jon, unbroken down the years led Edmund to enlist with his friends. Edmund is a rough sort of character, and will not suffer fools gladly, and many of his ‘trading’ associates are of the more criminal class.

On the right of this photo is Isaac Bull know to most a simply ‘Bull’. Bull is Edmunds friend/servant/bodyguard from London. Bull is a mute, and nearly deaf but he is a strong and hardy fighter and fiercely loyal.

The miniatures are Warlord Games Pike and shotte.  Jon’s head and arm are from the Warlord Games Bolt Action plastic Commandos. Edmund’s arms are also from the Bolt Action plastic sets, and his musket is a metal one from Warlord’s Pike and shote armoury. Isaac’s head is a plastic head from the Gripping Beast Dark ages set.

musket-1 photo-2



photo-3 photo-4