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Jonathan Holt (3)

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Gun fight


The Battle of Leeds (9)


The Battle of Leeds (8)


The Battle of Leeds (7)


Saker Cannon


A second artillery peice for Hawksby’s Foot. This one is a smaller gun, a Saker cannon. This peice was bought by Hawksby from John Grice a gunsmith in Handsworth. (Birmingham)

it is crewed by  gunner Knowles, and three artillery men, Jim Hampstead, Job Lowe and Esau Morran.

Two musketeers are attached to the gun to ward off any attacks on the artillery as they reload.

The miniatures are all from the great Warlord Games Pike and Shotte range.

Book four so far

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It’s catch up time. Here is the collected Edition of the first 13 pages of book four. Click the image to open in .pdf format (2mb)

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