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Book Four Collected and thanks

At the end of a volume once again, and here is the collected edition. Please Click the image to open.


This is a low resolution .pdf (3mb)

This volume has also marked the publishing of the 100th page of this comic (about 4 pages ago). Yay!

Historical note:

The events of the Storming of Leeds followed a fairly similar pattern to those depicted in this story, Fairfax did split his force, Sending a Sergeant Major Forbes south towards the river, while his forces attacked along the trenches at the western end of Headrow and William Fairfax’s Musketeers made their way north to attack round by St John’s church.

Some apologies should go to a Major Forbes, who’s role in the battle I have replaced with Hawksby. After a fierce (but in reality relatively bloodless) musket duel a group of musketeers did indeed make it round to the river bank and distract the cannon, allowing Major Forbes and his men (singing Psalm 68) to storm the earth works (though they had to wade the rivers edge, a task that I spared Hawksby and co.).

For more on the real story of this battle and the Civil War in Yorkshire I heartily recommend David Cooke’s one volume account of that part of the conflict:

The Civil War in Yorkshire: Fairfax Versus Newcastle


Again a really big thank you for those who read, comment and like this blog and these stories. These are really encouraging to me and help spur me on to get on with it. Drawing my own comic has been a life-long ambition, and your encouragement has helped me get further than ever before!

What’s next…

Book 5. Which will be the conclusion of this story will start in a week or two.

I still have the book review to do for Warlord Games superb Thirty Years War Pike and Shotte book and will be working on bolstering Hawksby’s Regiment in miniature at some point over the next few months. Also still planning to re-fight the Storming of Leeds Hawksby style, so AAR and Scenarios when that happens.

Thanks all for now, once again thanks for reading.



The Battle of Leeds (6)


Book four so far

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It’s catch up time. Here is the collected Edition of the first 13 pages of book four. Click the image to open in .pdf format (2mb)

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The Battle of Leeds (5)


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The Lion

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Local Troops (2)

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FullSizeRender 61

Here are the next batch of ‘Clubmen’ musketeers for the Storming of Leeds. Again I have given these a mix of kit and clothing to help with the impression of an organised rabble rather than troops.

FullSizeRender 60FullSizeRender 67FullSizeRender 54FullSizeRender 63FullSizeRender 64FullSizeRender 55

Here is a WIP shot and parts list (L to R):

Advancing musketeer:
Body Warlord Games Pike and Shotte Infantry
Head from Northstar Frostgrave Soldiers set
Arms from Perry Miniature ACW Infantry

Shooting musketeer:
Body, hat & arms Warlord GamesPike and Shotte Infantry
Head from Northstar Frostgrave Soldiers set

Standing musketeer
Body, hat and musket from Warlord Games Pike and Shotte Infantry
Face from Warlord Games Bolt Action British Infantry
Arms from Warlord Games Bolt Action German Grenadiers