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Demi-Culverin and Crew

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Master gunner Marcellus Goodwyn and his crew are experienced artillery men. Having fought against the Scottish in 1639. Marcellus is a good friend of Sir Thomas Hawksby. His crew consist of Rowland Hayman (kneeling by the tool box), Thomas Croome, (about the light the cannon), and ‘Slow’ Jon (carrying the cannon shot). The men have worked together for many years and although they are now a part of Hawksby’s regiment they rarely socialise with the other men. In battle this close nit friendship makes them a fast and efficient team.

Here they are seen with a Demi-Culverin gun, affectionately named Big Betty after one of the camp followers.

All miniatures are from Warlord Games Pike and Shotte range.




Petard and Crew

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Montague Lawes and Ezra Shaw are cavalry men and specialists in the art of siege craft. They are sometimes drafted temporarily from the regiment of Horse into Lord Hawksby’s Foote when their skills are needed.

They learned their skills serving in the french army in the Thirty years war, particularly in the bloody Siege of Fuenterrabía and the Siege of Saint-Omer.

Here they are carrying a Petard, to no doubt attempt breach a wall or door of some sort. The miniatures are from Warlord Games Pike and Shotte range.

European Artillery

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All good commanders know the value of well placed artillery, and Sir Thomas Hawksby is no exception. Sometimes getting the right guns and men for the job requires the services of Mercenaries, often veterans and highly skilled in the art of war, these men leave the bloody fields of Europe to find fortune in England.


This is a small minion drake cannon owned by the artillery entrepreneur Martin Metzger, who came over to England from northern Germany to get rich from the folly of the Englishmen. Martin can be seen to the left in this picture instructing his crew on when to fire the minion.

To the right of him we see old Andreas Kantor opening a new sack of gunpowder. Andreas has survived in the artillery business for years, and has even started to instruct his son Jan, who stands to the right of him prepared to move the cannon back after it’s been fired.

Daniel Kling is preparing to fire when Martin gives the word. Daniel used to be a farmhand before the religious wars got too close, but when his village was ravaged by Tilly’s troops he had to look for a new occupation. Blowing up Catholics from afar felt like a fitting revenge.

To the right, with a swab, we see another Daniel, Daniel Ronge. Daniel used to be something of a ladies man back in Germany, but his lack of English has so far diminished his luck over here. Why can’t the women speak better German?

The superb miniatures of Martin Metzger and his crew are from the collection of Mrtn (don’t ask about the vowels). If you want to see more of Mrtn’s fantastic Thirty Years War painted miniatures and conversions check out his thread on the Warlord Games forum


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John Ray and Oliver Gillis

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John Ray (Musketeer) Known as ‘Wild John’ is something of a rover and general ‘ner do well’. Caught poaching on Lord Hawksby’s land he was given the choice of the musket or the gibbet. He is a tough, hard character and often first in to the melee, as seen here.

Oliver Gillis(right) Worked as a shepherd for the Lord Morecroft. However when Lord Morecroft had Oliver’s younger brother flogged and then hanged for stealing a loaf, Oliver took up arms with Hawksby’s, with the hope of one day bloodying the nose of Morecrofts Royalists.

Miniatures from Warlord Games plastic Pike and Shotte.
John’s right arm is from the Gripping Beast dark ages set and his left hand is from the Warlord Games Bolt Action range. Oliver’s head is from the Gripping Beast dark ages set.


W.I.P. Photos

Edward Devereux

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Edward Devereux is very much a lone wolf.

Though not confirmed, the rumour is that he was once a wealthy man of some standing with a large country estate and started the war fighting for the Kings cause on the Royalist side. However whilst he was away a Royalist raiding party left his home burnt to the ground and his wife and children dead.

It is said that he hunted down the Cavalry troop responsible slaying it’s commander and several troopers, before joining the  forces of parliament, and swearing to devote himself to riding the country of the Tyrant and his wicked followers. Making him a wanted man in Royalist circles, with a price on his head.

Edward is a crack shot, known for picking off as many officers as he can.

He is a law to no man and as such could not be tied down to a regular member of Hawkwood’s band, but he is often found amongst their number, and considers some of the regiments men among his few friends on earth.

He has been described as a  “Merciless killer with no pity for his foe”.

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Edward is a Warlord Games Pike and Shotte plastic miniature and was painted and is owned by Si of Si’s Soldiers. Check out his excellent blog

At the camp (3)

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Richard Lightfoot and Bartholomew Hopkins

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Richard Lightfoot (left) was born in Northumberland and settled in Yorkshire after fleeing his home town for some unknown crime. He works locally as a smith.

Bartholomew Hopkins (right) Is a member of the town watch and a butcher. He is a fervent Puritan.

Miniatures from Warlord Games plastic Pike and Shotte. Richards arms are from the WotR Mercenaries set and Hopkins face is from the plastic Mahdist set, both sets from Perry Miniatures.


W.I.P. Photo of Hopkins. This was a simple face swap, excess polystyrene cement was applied either side of the face, allowing it to slightly melt the plastic, this was then shaped into hair using a scalpel point.

First Pikemen

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pike-1Ted Sanders (left) and Joe Barrow (right) Ted and Joe are both farm labourers, who work the land on Lord Hawksby’s estates. Both are known for their strength and size, making them ideal to carry the pike.

More miniatures from Warlord Games plastic Pike and Shotte. They both have right arms from the Gripping Beast dark ages set. Ted’shead is from the same set and his left arm is a Perry Miniatures WOTR arm.

pike-1-wipW.I.P. Photo of Ted, before final cleaning up and hat. The Gripping beast arms fit nicely with the Warlord body, the existing spear removed and the hand drilled and opened up for the pike shaft. Not clearly seen on here the Gripping beast head needed a sliver of plastic to create neck because the Gripping Beast heads have a slight indent on the underneath.

…at the camp (2)

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