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Kneeling Musketeer

I have wanted plastic Kneeling musketeers for some time now and wanted one in particular for a larger model. Having picked up some of the AZW British on a whim in the recent Warlord Games sprue sale I decided to try to use one of the kneeling ones as the basis for a conversion. The base is not done because he will be part of a larger base.


I was fairly pleased with the results. I think the Putees are just a little bit short for the typical stockings worn in the 1700’s, but nothing I can’t live with. The powder casks were quite hard to do, in the end I cut up a musket rest.

Here are some WIP shots.

What you need:

Cut off the pouches, epaulets, and tidied up the putees:

Green stuff added for hair, and to smooth over the waist: