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Lord Thomas Hawksby


Sir Ralfe Stapleton


Sir Ralfe is an Infantry Commander, he has many years of campaign experience and is a seasoned commander. He fought on the side of the Swedish at the battle of Lützen in 1632 and under the command of Alexander Leslie at the battle of Wittstock four years later. He returned to England in 1640 and spent time helping Sir Thomas to gather and train his regiment as conditions between the king and Parliament deteriorated in the spring and summer of 1642. Stapleton is a tough no nonsense officer, noted for his calm head and personal bravery, many of his men look up to him with awe. He is Lord Hawksby’s most trusted Infantry officer, and as a result the one often given the most difficult jobs.

His unusual sword is a family heirloom was passed down to him from his maternal great great grandfather who, it is said, fought against the Turkish at the great Siege of Malta.

The miniature for Sir Ralfe is from the Warlord Games Pike and Shotte plastic command sprue. His right arm is a spare taken from the Warlord Games 30 Years War Swordsmen blister pack.

Myles Barnard, Ensign

Myles, another Ensign Is seen here carrying the Colonels colours. Featuring the Hawksby device. Myles is another veteran of the War in Europe and had returned to England to retire to his small country estate, however when war broke out Myles left the serenity of his quiet life to carry the standard on the cause of Parliament.

The miniature Myles is from the Warlord Games Pike and Shotte plastic command sprue. His face is swapped with one of the Warlord Games Bolt Action British Infantry faces. He carries a flag kindly designed by Wargames Designs.


Ibsen Anderson


Ibsen is one of the musicians for Hawksby’s Foot Regiment. His Primary role during battle is that of drummer, however here he is modelled playing the Fife for the entertainment of the others in the regiment. Ibsen is the son of Jethro, Lord Hawksby’s oldest and most trusted steward. He is not only well versed in the art of military drumming but a gifted musician, and some thing of an amateur song smith, his comical and often bawdy verse have landed him in trouble with the more puritanical elements of the regiment several times.

Ibsen is a pikeman body from Warlord Games Pike and Shotte plastic set. His arms and fife case are taken from the Warlord Games plastic Pike and Shotte command sprue.

Four pikemen

Toby Lawson (right) and Jack Smythe (Left)
Both men are members of the local militia. They are tenants on Lord Hawksby’s land.  Toby Lawson is able to read and avidly shares the latest pamphlets from London with his fellow soldiers.


Rupert Marsham (left) and Hector Marsham (right) Sons of a local smallholder and brewer, (who’s famous ales can be sampled at the Black Sheep Inn) both lads are noted locally for their strength, making them ideal, and eager candidates for carrying pikes. Never far from the thick of the action when in battle, or from the nearest ale house when not in battle, these two have quite the reputation. However come Sunday morning they can always be found well turned out and singing psalms with gusto in Church.

All the figures come from the Warlord Games Pike and Shotte Range. Toby Lawson and Jack Smythe have had head replacements from the Warlord Games Bolt Action British Infantry set.

Rupert has a right arm form the Wargames Factory Ancient Persians set. Hector has  arms from the Bolt Action British and German Infantry sets and his head is from Perry Miniatures Wars of the Roses European Mercenaries set.

Fearsome Skirmish at Skipwithe AAR

A most fearsome a dreadful skirmish has taken place in the small village of Skipwithe. It has resulted in the wounding and death of several godly Englishmen. In the very early hours of Tuesday morning a group of skirmishers from the Hon. Lord Hawksby’s regiment sought to apprehend two Royalist officers of horse, who were leaving the notorious ale house the King’s Head.


The assault begins


The officers dash for cover

IMG_1735 IMG_1730

The battle of the well. The King’s dragoons are holding well.


A spot of fisticuffs


Disaster for the Royalists. A dragoon is killed and in a drunken state one of the officers drops his pistol and shoots himself… dead.



The remaining officer is captured and the dragoons flee… a victory for the greencoats…


… but at a cost.

The scenario and battle were written for Witchfinder General rules, an excellent set of skirmish rules, that can be used for straight ECW games as well as those with a supernatural twist. The rules can be obtained from Dashing Dice Games.

The Scenario can be downloaded here.

Percivell Goodwyn, Ensign



Percivell is the third son of local Land Owner Sir Jacob Goodwyn. He is one of the Ensigns who carry colours for Hawksby’s regiment. Percivell has never been in battle before but he is aware of the honour he has to carry the flag and has sworn to defend it with his life.

Percivell is a pikeman body from Warlord Games Pike and Shotte plastic. He has been modified by using a head and arms from the Perry Miniatures American Civil War Confederate infantry sprue. He carries a flag kindly designed by Wargames Designs.

Henry Blake

Henry Is another pikeman, he is a professional soldier and has been fighting since his early teens. He has fought in Europe and Ireland. On returning from the Continent Henry took up arms with Lord Hawksby’s regiment, though he has no particularly strong political or religious allegiance.

Henry is another Warlord Games Pike and Shotte plastic. He has been modified by having the original head removed and a Bolt Action British plastic head added instead.